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Via Texas WatchPosted July 20, 2012

Over 1,000 Texans have taken action to tell Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman we need immediate relief from high cost, low coverage insurance. Or should we say, attempted to take action?

It appears that after a few hundred messages got delivered, TDI blacklisted emails from Texas Watch activists. Our IT specialists tell us that means your emails are being blocked by TDI’s server. We wish we could say this is surprising, but TDI has a history of flunking the transparency test.

We won’t let them block you out, though. You deserve to be heard. So, we are hand delivering all of the messages from Texans who are demanding relief from insurance policies that cost too much and cover too little. So, add your voice and share with your friends today!

You’ll recall that Kitzman told a panel of lawmakers last week that there was nothing she could do to provide Texans with immediate relief from skyrocketing rates on stripped-down junk insurance policies. We know better. We have a list of solutions that – if implemented by TDI – could provide policyholders with relief now. Help us share these solutions with the Commissioner by taking action today.

We have sent Commissioner Kitzman a letter reminding of her legal duty to “protect and ensure the fair treatment of consumers.” We told her we won’t allow Texans who are fed up with waiting for the relief they were promised nearly a decade ago to be ignored.

Don’t let the bureaucrats and political appointees at TDI shut you out. Don’t let them pretend there is nothing they can do to help your family. Take action now and we’ll make sure your message is delivered loud and clear.

UPDATE (7/23/2012; 9:16AM): Late Friday, TDI issued a statement saying that the agency is “investigating” why hundreds of citizen emails were blocked. Commissioner Kitzman did not offer an apology to the citizens affected nor did she indicate a willingness to consider the suggested solutions to bring immediate relief from high cost, low coverage insurance.

Texans are fed up with bureaucrats and political appointees who pay lip service to the needs of Texas families without consider meaningful solutions to bring them the relief they were promised nearly a decacde ago. Clearly, she hasn’t gotten the message yet. So, take action today. We’ll make sure she gets the message.

UPDATE (7/26/2012; 12:15PM): After pressure from Texas Watch grassroots supporters and the media, it appears that TDI has finally relented. The agency is once again accepting communications from citizens fed up with high cost, low coverage insurance.

However, the agency still hasn’t said anything about what caused the problem or what steps they are taking (if any) to prevent this in the future. This behavior is unacceptable for a public agency, and we are personally investigating their communication policies to make sure they are responsive to taxpaying citizens.

Texans are sick of waiting for the relief they were promised nearly a decade ago. Take action to remind Commissioner Kitzman that her unwillingness to consider pro-policyholder reforms is what started all this.

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