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Know Your Rights on Insurance Rates

Via KXANPosted November 16, 2012

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Sitting right beside his driveway underneath a long, tall carport is Roy Minshew’s home away from home.

But sticker shock hit when his insurance bill arrived in the mail earlier this year. It jumped from $569 a year to $727 — a 27-percent increase.

Minshew says a customer service representative told him it is a direct result of the company’s losses in the Bastrop County wildfire, which inflicted tens of millions of dollars worth of damage on nearly 2,000 homes.

“We are some of the safest clients that they have, and for them to take advantage of us like that to cover something else — there’s something wrong with that,” said Minshew.

The insurance company told KXAN a different story.

An out-of-state spokesperson said “we are not allowed to recoup past losses” and “rates are never based solely on one event.”

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