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At Texas Watch, we fight for a safer Texas. Whether we’re advocating for safe roads, standing for policyholder protections, or ensuring that all Texans can get the justice they deserve, we work for a safe Texas for Texas families and businesses.

Thanks to supporters like you, we successfully fought for Texans’ access to the courts and safety in the workplace this session. But, our work is far from over.

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Posted November 24, 2015

Eye on Texas Blog

Veterans Day 2015: Events Across Texas

Veterans Day FB

On Veterans Day, we honor the brave men and women who have dedicated their lives to preserving our constitutional rights. Their sacrifices help protect our Right to a Trial by Jury. In addition to standing by the Seventh Amendment, we should never forget to stand by our troops. (more…)

Posted November 10, 2015

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ACT NOW: Restore Justice for Survivors of White Coat Rape

Rape is Not Health Care

Sign the petition to ensure justice for survivors of white coat rape!

In Texas, hospitals can be accountability-free zones for rapists in white coats. 

Laura, a Houston mother of two, says she was raped by her doctor at Ben Taub Medical Center in November 2013. Reports now reveal that his employer knew of a previous sexual assault allegation against the doctor before placing him at Ben Taub.  (more…)

Posted November 10, 2015

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SCOTX Justice Let Off the Hook

Nathan Hecht

SCOTX Justice Nathan Hecht

In 2008, the Texas Ethics Commission found that Justice Nathan Hecht violated state ethics laws.

Today, Hecht was let off the hook.

After reviewing a complaint filed by Texas Watch, the ethics commission determined that Hecht improperly accepted a six-figure discount on legal expenses. The TEC ruled the discount was a campaign donation that exceeded contribution limits for judicial candidates and was not reported on campaign finance filings. They fined him $29,000. Hecht appealed the ruling to state court where it languished for seven years.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Hecht and the TEC have settled the matter. Hecht’s fine will be slashed from $29,000 to just $1,000.

“Nathan Hecht is being let off the hook. Pure and simple,” said Alex Winslow, executive director of Texas Watch. “This saga makes a mockery of so-called ethics ‘enforcement’. Apparently, the way high ranking officials can beat the rap is to simply delay the process indefinitely.”

A brief timeline of the case:

Eye on Texas Blog

Patrick Directs Senators to Study Insurance Claims Abuse

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has directed the Business & Commerce Committee to study insurance claims handling practices and the impact on Texas consumers and the Texas insurance market.

SB1628 Action Graphic Action PageFollowing is a statement from Alex Winslow, executive director of the policyholder advocacy organization Texas Watch:

We look forward to working with the Legislature to ensure that all Texas homeowners and businesses are able to get full, fair, and timely compensation from their insurance carrier.

The first priority for lawmakers should be to protect Texas homeowners and businesses. So, preserving decades-old legal protections that work to safeguard business and residential property owners from abusive insurance tactics is crucial in any proposed solution.

Lawmakers passed strong legislation during the 84th Legislature to address issues of fraudulent claims. SB 1060 and HB 1265 crack down on adjusters who push fraudulent claims by imposing stiff civil and criminal penalties.

Texas property owners want lawmakers to build on that progress by strengthening policyholder protections and ensuring valid claimants are paid in full and on time.

For more information on Texas Watch’s work to thwart insurance industry efforts to undermine key policyholder protections during the most recent legislative session, click here.

Posted October 14, 2015

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5 Reasons “Hot Coffee” Should be Your Netflix Pick

hot coffee

In 2011, the documentary “Hot Coffee” sought to set the record straight about the infamous McDonald’s coffee case. Now, the movie is having a renaissance on Netflix. Here are five lies about the hot coffee myth that are sure to get your blood boiling:

  1. McDonalds knew the coffee was dangerously hot. From 1982 to the time Stella Liebeck suffered burns from McDonalds coffee in 1992, over 700 people filed complaints and suits after being burned by the restaurant’s coffee. At the time of Liebeck’s injuries, McDonalds served its coffee at a scalding 180-190 degrees. A liquid served at that temperature could cause third degree burns in two to seven seconds according to experts in the case. McDonalds started serving its coffee a full 10 degrees cooler after Liebeck won her case.


Posted October 13, 2015

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Safety by the Numbers: Inaccurate School Bus Crash Data

Bus blog post graphic twitter

After a Houston ISD bus crash killed two students last month, reporters and officials looked to past accident data for comparison. But, after reviewing the data compiled by the Texas Education Agency one thing was clear: the numbers just didn’t add up.

As state law requires, school districts submit bus crash data to the Texas Education Agency each year. However, some school districts may interpret the questions differently and 16% of districts don’t report at all, officials say.

The report, which is compiled via a Survey Monkey quiz on the agency’s website, has led to outright statistical improbabilities. In the 2013-2014 survey, for example, the report lists eight pedestrian injuries. However, the detailed report tallies one fatal pedestrian injury and six non-fatal- a total of 7 pedestrian injuries.


Posted October 6, 2015

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