Engaging the Media

We are inundated every day with information from newspapers, radio, TV, and the internet. This news shapes public perception and the opinions of lawmakers on important issues.

With its large reach, potential to raise awareness and influence political decision makers, and ability to educate and motivate the public, the media is a crucial grassroots advocacy tool. Stories about consumers, patients, and policyholders are an effective and compelling way to raise awareness about the need for strong consumer protections.

There are a number of media sources that activists can influence without much time, money, or expertise, such as letters to the editor, speaking to a consumer reporter from a TV station or newspaper, or calling in to a radio show.

  • Tips on Sharing your story with the media
    Sharing your story with the media is an effective way to make the public as well as decision makers aware of consumer problems and potential solutions.
  • Tips on writing a letter to the editor
    Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is an ideal way to share your opinion, not only because the letters page is among the most often read part of the paper, but also because legislators look to it to measure public opinion.
  • Sample Letters to the editor
    Here are several sample letters to the editor that can help guide you when writing your own.

Our Activist Training Kit has more information about how you can get involved.

Are you interested in sharing your story with the media? Please let us know.

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