The 86th Legislature: Day 1

The 86th Legislature: Day 1

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The 86th Legislature gaveled in yesterday, with the most notable development being a change of leadership in the Texas House. We spoke with friends throughout the Texas Capitol - old and new - and wished them success in the intense months ahead. 

The first day of a legislative session is an exciting time, full of possibility. Take a minute to watch this video as we take you inside the Capitol, capturing the energy of the day. This marks my ninth legislative session, and we will build upon the lessons learned through the years to help protect the working families of this great state. 

What we accomplish will be what you accomplish. We have an exceptionally hard-working and talented team here at Texas Watch, but we exist to give a voice to you - our activists. I pledge to do our utmost to get you the very best information so you can advocate for your rights at the Capitol. 

Stay tuned in the weeks and months ahead as we ring the bell about important bills. And please help us continue to grow our activist army by telling your friends about Texas Watch and inviting them to follow our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram pages. 

There is strength in numbers. Together, let's make this organization even stronger in 2019!



Ware Wendell

Executive Director

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