Intern Spotlight: Harrison DuBose

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To say we couldn't do it without our amazing session interns is an understatement! We've been blessed to have Harrison helping out with a variety of legislative tasks this session. Thank you, Harrison, for all of your hard work! 

Harrison is finishing up his freshman year at the University of Texas as a government major. Growing up in Dallas, Harrison always had a passion for the law – he started writing contracts between him and his parents in Kindergarten! Throughout high school, Harrison interned at law firms, was the Team Captain for his Mock Trial team, and participated in student government.

Last fall, when Harrison arrived in Austin to begin school at The University of Texas, he immediately was drawn to the idea that many in Texas value so closely – a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. In Austin, there is a sense that you can really effect change for the better, especially due to the proximity to our State’s Capitol. He began interning at Texas Watch in January this year and has become extremely interested in orienting his career trajectory towards using the power of the law to help people and protect them from major corporations and industry interests.

Throughout the session this year, Harrison has assisted Texas Watch by doing weekly ‘drops’ to the Capitol, wherein he goes door-to-door and makes sure information on our leading issues make it into the hands of politicians and their staff. Additionally, Harrison is working on a series of podcasts concerning citizen advocacy issues, because he believes Texans need to be better informed on not only their rights but also the schemes and strategies of some of the largest and most powerful industries in our state.