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Keep Washington Out of Texas Courts

Keep Washington Out of Texas Courts

Washington lobbyists are attacking our state courts. A bill (HR 3624) making its way through Congress would send state-based legal disputes into overburdened federal courts.

In other words, valid legal disputes over property rights, business contracts, insurance claims, and a host of other issues involving Texas citizens and businesses would be forced into the quagmire of the federal courts.

Federal courts are notoriously overburdened, creating years-long delays to resolve even the simplest matter. This has been exacerbated by excessive delays in filling federal judicial vacancies. The problem is especially bad in Texas where we have more vacant judicial seats than any other state with a backlog that experts estimate would take 19 years to fix.

What is it they say about justice delayed? If this bill passes, countless Texas families and business owners would be denied justice.

That’s why Texas Watch has joined a coalition of state and national organizations opposing this bill. We believe that state judges and juries are better equipped to hear evidence and resolve disputes. Put simply, they are more accountable, more efficient, and more expedient. You can add your voice by taking action here.

Here’s the letter we signed with our allies opposing HR 3624:

HR 3624 Coalition Letter



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