Odessa Residents Could Soon Face Second Storm of Insurance Abuse

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Insurance companies already have too much power, and they’re getting even more in September when a dangerous new law goes into effect. House Bill 1774 slashes penalties for property insurers that wrongfully delay storm claims, forces many insurance disputes into federal court where it takes twice as long to receive justice, and imposes additional costs on policyholders. The law guts the property rights of homeowners, business owners, churches, and schools, threatening access to justice for many.

Given its one-sided terms, it comes as no surprise that insurance lobbyists pushed this sweetheart legislation. What may come as a surprise is the fact that state Representative Brooks Landgraf helped them by voting for this insurance giveaway (Record Vote 841).

Odessa residents are digging out from recent storms and will soon be doing battle with their insurance companies as they try to scrape together enough money to make necessary repairs. When property owners are unfairly delayed and denied by their insurance companies, they will have Representative Landgraf to thank.

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