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Press Release: Bill that lets cheating landlords off the hook passes Senate

Today, the Texas Senate passed SB 873, which lets cheating landlords off the hook. Currently, when tenants are overcharged on their water bill, residents can band together to hold their landlord accountable in court. But, the proposed legislation breaks up these claims, forcing tenant disputes into a bureaucratic process run by the Public Utility Commission that few, if any, will access.

Deputy Director Tori Sommerman released the following statement: "The jury is our smallest and most direct form of government. Running tenants who have been overcharged on their water bill out of our courts and through an administrative maze does nothing to advance justice or hold wrongdoers accountable. Instead, it will only work to wear down those who have been wronged." 

Water is a precious, scarce resource vital to Texas businesses and communities. The bill puts both the rights of Texas tenants and the state's conservation efforts at risk by letting these scamming landlords escape accountability.

SB 873 will now move onto the House where its companion, HB 1964, has already passed committee. 



Tori Sommerman



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