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Press Release: House Insurance Hearing on HB 1774

Press Release: House Insurance Hearing on HB 1774

After being rejected last session, insurance lobbyists are again pushing legislation (HB 1774 & SB 10, more aptly called the "Blue Tarp Bills") that would lessen penalties for property insurers that hurt their customers. 

Texas Watch Executive Director Ware Wendell released the following statement concerning HB 1774, which was heard today in the House Committee on Insurance: 

"Texans' property rights are under assault from insurance lobbyists at the State Capitol. HB 1774 effectively punishes policyholders with valid insurance claims. Property insurers who cheat their customers will face fewer penalties. State cases will be forced into federal court where it takes twice as long to receive justice. 

"The bottom line is fewer insurance claims will be paid on time and more homes, businesses, churches, and schools will go unrepaired after storms. Texas will be blanketed in blue tarps.

"Lawmakers shouldn't weaken the law to benefit insurance companies. They should stand up for their constituents and protect their property rights."

Texas Watch is a non-partisan citizen advocacy organization. Since 1998, it has worked to protect policyholders and other consumers. For more on the Blue Tarp Bills, please see texaswatch.org/protectpolicyholders.

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