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Press Release: Statement Regarding Central and South Texas Storms

Press Release: Statement Regarding Central and South Texas Storms

After last night's storms ripped through Central and South Texas, property owners are assessing the damage to their homes and businesses.  Executive Director Ware Wendell released the following statement regarding the Blue Tarp Bills (SB 10 and HB 1774), which would make it even more difficult for Texas policyholders to have their claims paid in full and on time after disasters like last night's storm. 

"While Central and South Texans are digging out from the latest round of severe weather, insurance- backed special interests are pushing bills through the Legislature that would gut the rights of property owners. Texans must rebuild after disaster. Deny, delay, and underpay insurance schemes prevent families, businesses, schools, and churches from getting back on their feet. Our Legislature must protect property owners from abuse by their insurers."

Learn more about the Blue Tarp Bills at www.texaswatch.org/protectpolicyholders

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