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Protect Children. Punish Predators. Oppose the Immunity Amendment to HB 5

HB 5 seeks to improve the foster care system. But a dangerous immunity amendment tacked on in the Senate would give immunity to private contractors that make placement decisions. If they negligently place these children in the hands of predators, these private entities should face full accountability. Immunity only leads to danger. Keep kids safe. Oppose this immunity amendment.

Take one minute to call your State Representative to tell them to protect children and punish predators. Find your State Representative here and a suggested statement below:

Hello, my name is ____________. I'm calling to ask Rep. _________________ to oppose Senate Floor Amendment 8 to HB 5. The amendment puts children at risk by immunizing private entities that negligently place children in the hands of predators. As your constituent, I ask you to keep Texas children safe and strip Amendment 8 from HB 5. 


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