The Rundown - January 2022

The Rundown - January 2022

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In this month's episode of The Rundown, Executive Director Ware Wendell updates the public on fallout from the winter storms, a new patient safety report, how you can make your voice heard in Congress, and deep dive reporting you won't want to miss.


1) Brian New's reporting with CBS DFW on unpaid winter storm insurance claims (Video):

2) Our website on the harmful Blue Tarp Bill pushed by the insurance industry (Link):

3) New patient safety report entitled "Looking for Doctor Information Online" (Link): https://www.informedpatientinstitute....

4) Our summary of the new patient safety report by IRI and PSAN (Link):

5) Patient Safety Action Network (Link):

6) Tell Congress to vote FOR the FAIR Act to restore your legal rights (Link):

7) "The Texas Electric Grid Failure Was a Warm-Up" by Russell Gold of Texas Monthly (Article):

8) "The Soldiers Came Home Sick" by Megan K. Stack of The New York Times Magazine (Article):

9) Burn Pits 360, leading veterans advocates (Link):

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