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Statement on B.C. v. Steak N Shake Operations, Inc.

Statement on B.C. v. Steak N Shake Operations, Inc.

Tori Sommerman, deputy director of Texas Watch, released the following statement:

The Supreme Court of Texas heard oral arguments today in the case of B.C. v. Steak N Shake Operations, Inc. The case, involving the sexual assault of a Steak N Shake employee by her supervisor, represents an unfortunate trend of Texans being denied access to the courts. If the lower court ruling is upheld, survivors of workplace sexual assault would be unable to hold their employers accountable in court. These survivors would be forced into an administrative process that provides no distinction in severity of damages for sexual harassment versus sexual assault. 

Too many Texans are being denied access to justice and the courtroom. We hope that the Supreme Court of Texas will reopen the courthouse doors to those sexually assaulted in workplace. 


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