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Texas Watch Supports the Military Consumer Protection Act

Texas Watch Supports the Military Consumer Protection Act

A group of U.S. Senators are taking important steps to better protect members of the military and their families from abusive financial practices. The Military Consumer Protection Act would allow for greater enforcement of protections designed to ease financial burdens on servicemembers during periods of military service.

Texas Watch has joined a group of national and state organizations supporting the important consumer legislation. 

Current enforcement of provisions, including prohibiting the eviction of military members and their dependents from rental or mortgaged property, is subject to the changing priorities of financial regulators. The Military Consumer Protection Act prioritizes the consumer protection of our servicemembers by empowering the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to oversee and enforce much-needed protections for the financial well-being of our troops and their families. 

Our servicemen and women fight to keep us safe. They deserve strong enforcement of protections that safeguard them from abusive financial practices. 

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