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A Trio of Bad Bills

A Trio of Bad Bills

A trio of bad bills have been filed, jeopardizing the injured, their rights within our civil justice system, and public safety. Texans expect our courts to protect them and hold parties accountable when there are injustices done to them. But, HB 2300, HB 2301, and HB 2269 put arbitrary limits on justice.

1. HB 2300 artificially limits the recovery of medical or health care expenses. The proper purpose of our civil justice system is to make the victim whole, which includes the recovery of their full expenses. The bill threatens both access to care from physicians and access to justice through our courts.

2. HB 2301 creates unnecessary burdens on injured Texans and raises uncertainty about whether medical care and charges were necessary and reasonable. Failure to obtain medical evidence by the arbitrary deadline set forth in the bill may severely hurt injured Texans' rights. State policy should help injured people, not hurt them, which we fear would be the effect of this law.

3. HB 2269 gives civil immunity to certain hospitals' children isolation units who fail to protect children and the public. Accountability leads to safety. Immunity leads to danger. Where children with highly contagious and infectious diseases are concerned, we believe Texas lawmakers should encourage safe practices and conduct above all else.

Texas Watch will be fighting this trio of bad bills to preserve safety, accountability, and justice for Texas patients, their loved ones, and communities. 

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