Texas Watch

Patient Rights At Risk: Say No to H.R. 1215

Proposed federal legislation would put road blocks in the way of justice for injured patients and their families. H.R. 1215 greatly reduces the accountability of unsafe hospitals and incompetent doctors and puts the legal rights of patients at risk. We've tried restrictive laws like this in Texas, and the results have been tragic for patients.

Americans place their trust in the hands of hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, and pharmaceutical companies when they are at their most vulnerable. When that trust is violated, and patients are injured or killed, providers should be held accountable.

By placing harsh restrictions on the injured, the bill lets bad acting providers virtually off the hook. Medical malpractice restrictions have been tried in Texas for nearly a decade and a half, and patients have paid a heavy price. These laws fail to deliver on their promises, only helping the most dangerous doctors and profit-seeking insurance companies. Texas' tragic experiment should not be repeated.

Justice for injured patients and their families should be left in the hands of local juries, not politicians in Washington. Take one minute to tell Congress to protect patients and preserve accountability.