Most insurance policies contain an appraisal clause, which allows you to resolve disputes with your carrier over the value of a claim. Insurance companies fought to put this language in policies, but some play games as to the timing of the appraisal process, waiting until late in the dispute to trigger it. When insurers do this, they add cost and delay for policyholders in order to grind them down so they will take less for their claim. This is wrong, and the games need to stop. 

Appraisal should be a fair process, a two-way street, not a weapon strategically used by insurance companies against policyholders. The parties should start the appraisal process early in the dispute so everyone knows where they stand. HB 2534 by Representative Travis Clardy and SB 1706 by Senator Cesar Blanco make the process fair. 

Please contact your lawmaker now and tell them to SUPPORT HB 2534 and SB 1706!

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