Safety for nursing home residents and staff must be a top priority for Texas lawmakers. These residents are our most vulnerable population and their care requires close contact. Nursing homes account for more than one-third of the COVID-19 infections in Texas, and more than 40% of COVID-19 deaths nationwide have been linked to nursing homes. Your voice can help protect those who are in the greatest need.

Hired lobbyists are claiming corporations need a pass during the pandemic, pushing for blanket immunity from our laws for their clients. In doing so, they are trying to use the coronavirus crisis to benefit those who cut corners. We cannot let unsafe nursing homes escape accountability measures. Blanket immunity from civil liability for nursing homes and other unsafe corporations would be a recipe for disaster. Taking away the 7th Amendment right to trial by jury means safety suffers, justice is denied, and the pandemic is prolonged as infections spread, resulting in even more death. Safety standards must be upheld and enforced, now more than ever. 

Take one minute to tell your lawmakers to hold nursing homes to the safest standards under the law and require rapid molecular testing in all facilities across our state. Please fill out the form below.