We have a crisis in the State of Texas when it comes to access to healthcare. We lead the nation in the number of uninsured -- with fully one in five adults having no health insurance at all. Texas ranks very low in healthcare compared to other states -- 43rd overall in healthcare quality and 48th for patient access. The problem is even bigger in our rural areas with over 30 counties having no primary care doctors at all. 

SB 207 and HB 1617 worsen our problem with patient access. They complicate the way in which medical costs are determined to be "reasonable" in court, forcing doctors and other medical providers to spend more time in courtrooms and less time in their examination rooms treating patients. Given new demands placed on their time by the legislation, some physicians may choose to stop treating patients altogether who are seeking justice through our courts for their injuries.

We need to improve patient access, not create unnecessary hurdles and headaches for doctors who are willing to render care. Take one minute to tell lawmakers to OPPOSE SB 207 and HB 1617.

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