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HB 1774: See How They Voted

HB 1774: See How They Voted

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A priority for both Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, the Blue Tarp Bill passed the Texas House by a vote of 92 to 55 (with two present but not voting) and the Texas Senate by a vote of 21 to 7 (with one present but not voting). Texas Watch strongly opposed the Blue Tarp Bill and urged lawmakers to vote against it because it hurts property owners in Texas. 

To see the vote, click here and here, or read below where we have reprinted it for your convenience.

Key: Against | For | No Vote Author/ Coauthor/ Sponsor

Texas State Representatives

Allen, Against

Alonzo, Against

Alvarado, Against

Anchia, Against

Anderson, C., For

Anderson, R., For

Arévalo, Against

Ashby, Not present, excused

Bailes, For

Bell, For

Bernal, Against

Biedermann, For

Blanco, Against

Bohac, For

Bonnen, D., For

Bonnen, G., For

Burkett, For

Burns, For

Burrows, For

Button, For

Cain, For

Canales, Against

Capriglione, For

Clardy, Against

Coleman, Against

Collier, Against

Cook, For

Cortez, Against

Cosper, For

Craddick, For

Cyrier, For

Dale, For

Darby, For

Davis, S., For

Davis, Y., Against

Dean, For

Deshotel, Against

Dukes, Against

Dutton, Against

Elkins, For

Faircloth, For

Fallon, For

Farrar, Against

Flynn, For

Frank, For

Frullo, For

Geren, Against

Gervin-Hawkins, Against

Giddings, Against

Goldman, For

González, Against

Gonzales, For

Gooden, For

Guerra, Against

Guillen, Against

Gutierrez, Against

Hefner, For

Hernandez, Against

Herrero, Against

Hinojosa, Against

Holland, For

Howard, Against

Huberty, For

Hunter, For

Isaac, For

Israel, Against

Johnson, E., Against

Johnson, J., Against

Kacal, For

Keough, For

King, K., Against

King, P., For

King, T., Against

Klick, For

Koop, For

Krause, For

Kuempel, For

Lambert, For

Landgraf, For

Lang, For

Larson, For

Laubenberg, For

Leach, For

Longoria, For

Lozano, For

Lucio, For

Martinez, Against

Metcalf, For

Meyer, For

Miller, For

Minjarez, Against

Moody, Against

Morrison, For

Muñoz, Against

Murphy, For

Murr, For

Neave, Against

Nevárez, Against

Oliveira, Present, not voting

Oliverson, For

Ortega, Against

Paddie, For

Parker, For

Paul, For

Perez, Against

Phelan, For

Phillips, For

Pickett, Against

Price, For

Raney, For

Raymond, Against

Reynolds, Against

Rinaldi, For

Roberts, For

Rodriguez, E., Against

Rodriguez, J., Against

Romero, Against

Rose, Against

Sanford, For

Schaefer, For

Schofield, For

Schubert, For

Shaheen, For

Sheffield, For

Shine, For

Simmons, For

Smithee, For

Springer, For

Stephenson, For

Stickland, For

Stucky, For

Straus, Mr. Speaker (C), Present, not voting

Swanson, For

Thierry, Against

Thompson, E., For

Thompson, S., Against

Tinderholt, For

Turner, Against

Uresti, Against

VanDeaver, For

Villalba, For

Vo, Against

Walle, Against

White, For

Wilson, For

Workman, For

Wray, For

Wu, Against

Zedler, For

Zerwas, For

Texas State Senators

Bettencourt, For

Birdwell, For

Buckingham, For

Burton, For

Campbell, For

Creighton, For

Estes, For

Garcia, Against

Hinojosa, Against

Hall, For

Hancock, For

Huffines, For

Huffman, For

Hughes, For

Kolkhorst, For

Lucio, For

Menendez, Absent

Miles, Present, not voting

Nelson, For

Nichols, For

Perry, For

Rodríguez, Against

Schwertner, For

Seliger, For

Taylor of Galveston, For

Taylor of Collin, For

Uresti, Absent-excused

Watson, Against

West, Against

Whitmire, Against

Zaffirini, Against



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