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Texas Tells Podcast: Episode Four

This month on Texas Tells, we spoke to Texas business owners about the Insurance Immunity Act or SB1628. Read More »

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Protect Policyholders

40+ years of policyholder protections are under attack. Learn more and take action. Read More »

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Texas Tells Podcast: Episode Three

How do Texans rebuild in the wake of catastrophe? This month, we talk to policyholders about the insurance industry’s effort to erode the last line of defense for policyholders. Read More »

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Safe Texas Agenda 2015

Texans face new threats to their physical and financial safety. We have adopted a Safe Texas Agenda that encourages lawmakers to put safety first. Read More »

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HB 3787 Severely Limits Home, Commercial Insurance Claim Deadlines

The Texas House is scheduled to debate House Bill 3787 tomorrow. The bill severely and arbitrarily shortens the amount of time policyholders have to make a claim or file suit against their insurance carrier for the wrongful denial or underpayment of their claim. The legislation: 

  • Severely shortens the time homeowners and businesses have to file a property insurance claim and effectively prohibits policyholders with latent damage from receiving full payments for needed repairs.
  • Allows government to pick winners and losers by putting captive home and commercial policyholders on worse footing than any other party to a contract in the state.
  • Creates a giveaway to for-profit insurance carriers by arbitrarily restricting the ability of homeowners and businesses with valid disputes to require full payment.

Click here to learn more: http://bit.ly/1zP8Ea2 [PDF].

Texas Tells Podcast

Texas Tells Podcast: Episode Four

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Episode Four: The bill that burdens business. This month on Texas Tells, we spoke to Texas business owners about the Insurance Immunity Act or SB1628. The bill, which erodes crucial policyholder protections against low, slow, or no payment tactics by insurance companies, passed out of the Senate this week. In this month’s interview, Pampa hardware store owner Harold Price speaks out against the bill, arguing that it would shutter businesses across the state.

Posted May 2, 2015

Eye on Texas Blog

Sign the Petition: Protect Policyholders

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Join 1,400 other Texans who told their lawmakers to stand for Texas policyholders. Sign the petition here.

Policyholders pay premiums in exchange for a promise from their insurance company that claims will be paid in full and on time. Too often insurers fail to hold up their end of the bargain by unfairly denying, delaying, or underpaying valid claims. That’s why strong laws with stiff penalties – like those that have been codified in the Insurance Code for decades – are necessary to deter bad conduct.

However, Senate Bill 1628 gives to industry and takes from policyholders.

The bill rolls back 40+ years of important policyholder protections. It incentivizes low-ball settlements, immunizes insurance adjusters, agents, and employees, severely restricts when claims must be made, and creates “gotcha” provisions that allow insurers to frivolously deny claims.

Without meaningful legal protections, Texas families and businesses are left defenseless.

Please sign our petition to get Texas lawmakers to protect their constituents against unfair claims handling by voting against Senate Bill 1628.

Posted April 30, 2015

Eye on Texas Blog, Press Releases

TX Senate Chooses Insurance Immunity Over Texas Families & Businesses

The Texas Senate gave preliminary approval to the Insurance Immunity Act – SB 1628 – today. After a procedural vote and a few “clean up” amendments expected tomorrow, the bill heads to the Texas House. Following is a statement from Alex Winslow, executive director of policyholder advocacy organization Texas Watch:

The Texas Senate chose to protect deny, delay, underpay insurance industry tactics, making it easier for insurance companies to cheat their customers. The affect of this legislation – if passed by the House – would be to undermine crucial policyholder protections designed to ensure fair, timely payments to Texas families and businesses with valid insurance claims.

The bill’s author and supporters are selling a line that SB 1628 somehow helps consumers. It does not. You don’t help policyholders by taking away their rights.

This bill is fundamentally flawed and is facing growing opposition within the business community and a groundswell of grassroots opposition from Texans across the state.

We look forward to the debate in the House.

Click here for more information about the bill’s dangerous provisions, as well as the bill’s opposition.

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