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Safe Texas Agenda 2015

Texans face new threats to their physical and financial safety. We have adopted a Safe Texas Agenda that encourages lawmakers to put safety first. Read More »

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Texas Tells Podcast: Episode Two

Where did all the local control go? This week we'll talk about preserving the right of local authorities to police their own communities without interference from state officials. Read More »

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VIDEO: No Justice for Texas Families

New video from Center for American Progress featuring Texas Watch activists and staff shows devastating impact of severe legal restrictions in Texas Read More »

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Ebola & Broken Medical Accountability

Federal health official says Dallas hospital "dropped the ball" in Ebola case. This is what happens with low safety standards and no accountability for patient harm. Read More »

Texas Tells Podcast

Episode Two: Local Control


Episode two: Where did all the local control go? This week we’ll talk to Harris County Environmental Attorney Rock Owens and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins about preserving the right of local authorities to police their own communities without interference from state officials.

CORRECTION: In the pollution claim against International Paper and its subsidiaries, Harris County brought the suit, not the City of Houston.

Posted March 1, 2015

Texas Tells Podcast

Episode One: The Heart and Lungs of Freedom


Created by citizen advocacy organization Texas Watch,“Texas Tells” broadcasts the untold stories of Texas families and consumers. The monthly podcast seeks to educate and empower Texans through citizen profiles, updates on state government action, and interviews with local officials.

Episode one: How has so-called tort “reform” affected our 7th amendment right to a trial by jury? Texas Watch’s Ware Wendell will talk to us about that fundamental right, faith, free enterprise, and the founding fathers.

Eye on Texas Blog

Our Take: Perry’s Farewell Address

Perry Thumbs Up (370x230)Gov. Rick Perry gave his farewell address before a joint session of the legislature today. He touted his record of severely restricting access to legal accountability, pointing specifically to sweeping 2003 legislation that closed the courthouse doors for countless Texans.

Even as he exits the stage, Gov. Perry is a cheerleader for his broken special interest policies that shield polluters, dangerous doctors, makers of dangerously defective products, and big insurance companies from accountability for needless physical and financial harm.

Despite his rhetoric, Perry’s policies have not resulted in better health care, lower insurance costs, or safer communities. Instead, Texas families face new dangers that threaten their physical and financial safety. Whether it is nursing home neglect, junk insurance policies, unsafe toxic chemical facilities, or a host of other looming threats, Texans are less safe.

So-called tort ‘reform’ has never been about helping families. It has always been about protecting narrow interests from accountability.

Texans need real accountability and safety reforms that restore the Constitution’s guarantee of public accountability and ensure all Texans have the ability to thrive in the Texas economy.

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Court Watch

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