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Power of Civil Accountability

GM's use of a fatally defective ignition switch came to light because one family filed a lawsuit, forcing the country's largest automaker into the open. Read More »


Abbott Defends Indefensible Law

Greg Abbott has chosen to stand by a law that allows dangerous doctors and careless hospitals to harm patients without accountability. Read More »

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Rates Are Skyrocketing… Again

Take Action to Tell TDI to reject the latest home insurance rate hikes by State Farm, Allstate, and Farmers. Read More »

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Ban Forced Arbitration

Take action now to hold Wall Street accountable by demanding an end to forced arbitration in consumer financial contracts like credit cards and car loans Read More »

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The Power of Civil Accountability

The recall of 2.6 million GM cars has been dominating the headlines lately. We’ve learned about the 13 lives taken as a result of GM’s faulty ignition switch. We’ve learned how GM knew about the problem over a decade ago, but chose to keep quiet. We’ve learned how federal regulators tasked with ensuring the public’s safety ignored reports from drivers on this very issue. We’ve learned that a 90-cent fix could have saved lives. And, we’ve learned how GM decided years ago that 90-cents was just too expensive for the company to issue a voluntary recall.

How have we learned all of this? Because Brooke Melton’s parents filed a lawsuit. Continue Reading »

Eye on Texas Blog

Abbott Defends the Indefensible

Attorney General Greg Abbott opted to formally intervene in a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Texas medical liability statute this week. The statute in question severely and arbitrarily restricts the ability of patients to access the civil legal system when they believe their medical care was negligent.

Texas Watch Executive Director Alex Winslow issued the following statement. Continue Reading »

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Cart Before the Horse

In order to raise funds for the beleaguered Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, regulators at TDI are considering rules to impose a surcharge on property insurance policies sold along the Texas coast. This means higher insurance costs for homeowners and drivers in an area of the state hit hard by sky-high insurance costs (not to mention the severe restrictions on policyholder legal rights if/when the next storm hits).

Instead of putting more of the burden on policyholders, TDI should force private insurance companies to hold up their end of the bargain. Back when Hurricane Ike hit, the law said that insurance companies should bear the burden of the storm’s insured losses. Instead, they’ve been let off the hook while policyholders have been picking up the tab.

The folks at TDI are getting the cart before the horse. In our comments to the agency, we say that before even considering another hike in the cost of insurance, private insurance companies should be forced to fulfill their obligations. Continue Reading »

Eye on Texas Blog

Special Interest PAC Can’t Handle the Truth

Access to the civil justice system is a fundamental right. It is embedded in our constitution because no one is above the law and everyone should be held to account for their actions.

But, the folks over at the self-styled Texans for Lawsuit Reform’s PAC of CEOs and lobbyists just can’t seem to understand that.

In an effort to reinforce their failing agenda and scare candidates away from supporting meaningful accountability reforms that help Texas families and small businesses, TLR has released the “results” of a new push-poll that conveniently ignores the impact of their agenda on everyday Texans. Instead they attack lawyers … again.


Because they have no other option. The fact is that the vast majority of Texans believe they should have access to our courts when they are harmed. And, they want to be able to hire an attorney to represent their interests. Particularly when an insurance company treats them unfairly. Continue Reading »

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