#7A Series

The Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury is fundamental to our system of self-government. It is the jury's job to examine the evidence, find the finds, and render a just verdict. When you serve on a jury, you are honoring a sacred duty to your fellow citizens, enforcing the rules and resolving disputes peacefully. This video series examines the origin and importance of the Seventh Amendment. It is made possible by the support of the ABOTA Foundation, the Wyatt Family Foundation, and viewers like you. Please share this video series. 

Our Courts: The Bedrock of Democracy

Our courts are often overlooked and not fully understood, but the work of judges and juries allows us to live in a free, safe, and just society. This video series aims to help Americans learn more about the importance of the judicial branch of government and how it functions, empowering you as a citizen. This series is a project of the Texas Watch Foundation, and this episode is made possible by generous support from the AAJ Robert L. Habush Endowment, the ABOTA Foundation, and viewers like you.

Patient Safety

Medical errors steal 250,000 lives in our country each year. Patients and their families need the best information so they can protect themselves and ensure quality medical care.