Texas Watch Foundation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to researching and educating the public on the importance of our courts. We are grateful and humbled you are considering giving to Texas Watch Foundation. Here are a few ways to give. 

Online or Mail

Make a tax deductible donation on our webiste at: https://www.texaswatch.org/foundation/donate or you may mail your check made payable to "TEXAS WATCH FOUNDATION" to P.O. Box 42198, Austin, TX 78704.

Give Stock

By giving highly appreciated stocks, you can avoid paying capital gains taxes and maximize your charitable giving! Please contact Amber at ageorge@texaswatch.org for more information. 

Facebook Birthday Fundraiser 

The Texas Watch Foundation is connected on Facebook! You can set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook for your friends to support the Texas Watch Foundation. For more information, contact Amber at ageorge@texaswatch.org.

Leave a Legacy for Safety, Accountability, and Justice 

We would be humbled to honor your legacy by continuing our work to protect safety, accountability, and justice.  A planned gift made with forethought will not only support the future of the Texas Watch Foundation but also can provide financial benefits to you and your family. Legacy gifts are made at no cost to you during your lifetime. There are many types of legacy gifts the Texas Watch Foundation accepts: Wills, Living Trusts, & Bequests, Life Insurance, and IRA or Retirement Plans.