• Safe Repairs Save Lives!

    We need legislation this session to ensure our vehicles are repaired safely. HB 1437 by Rep. Clardy and SB 554 by Sen. Hughes make fair auto insurance appraisal mandatory in Texas policies. And HB 1321 by Rep. Clardy will ensure quality auto parts are used to make quality repairs that follow accepted safety standards. | Watch Now

  • The Rundown - February 2023

    In this month's episode of "The Rundown," Executive Director Ware Wendell updates the public on what is happening at the Texas Capitol, great bills that will protect the public, and excellent reporting on senior safety in our state. | Watch Now

  • Stop "Swoop & Settle" Schemes!

    Insurance companies prey on vulnerable Texans. After a wreck, they often swoop in and try to get you to settle on the cheap before you know the full extent of your damages and medical costs. | Watch Now

  • Episode 67: The February 2023 Rundown