• The Rundown - July 2022

    In this month's episode of "The Rundown," Executive Director Ware Wendell updates the public on a new patient safety video, reporting on insurance claim delays, summertime safety tips, and an outstanding podcast that breaks down the recent Supreme Court term. | Watch Now

  • New Report Finds Patient Safety Information Lacking

    A new report entitled "Looking for Doctor Information Online" from the Informed Patient Institute and the Patient Safety Action Network looked at over 60 state medical and osteopathic boards, finding information about a physician's background and history is often incomplete and difficult to access online | Watch Now

  • The 7th Amendment: Episode 7

    The Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury is fundamental to the rule of law. In the seventh and final episode of our #7A series, we discuss the importance of serving on a jury and how this constitutional right must be protected for future generations of Americans.  | Watch Here

  • Episode 59: The July 2022 Rundown