Texas Watch
  • Safe Repairs Save Lives! Support HB 1348

    All Texans deserve safe repairs after their vehicles are damaged -- because safe repairs save lives. Please support HB 1348 by Rep. Clardy, which would protect Texas families on our roads. | Learn More

  • Help Our Veterans - Support HB 306 & SB 131!

    Our veterans served honorably overseas, taking the fight to those dead set on doing us harm. Now, many of our vets are returning home sick with rare cancers and lung disorders. The cause? Open burn pits operated on our military bases. | Learn More

  • The 7th Amendment Series

    We are excited to announce the premiere of our new seven-part miniseries: The 7th Amendment. This series will explore the origins and importance of the Seventh Amendment, as well as how the right to trial by jury is threatened today. | Learn More

  • Podcast Episode 22: Insurance Lobbyists Destroy Your Rights