• The Rundown - Spring 2024

    In the Spring 2024 edition of "The Rundown," Executive Director Ware Wendell updates the public on the historic Panhandle wildfires, insurance claim information, the EPA’s recent ban on asbestos, as well as patient safety resources and coverage. | Watch Now

  • In Conversation: Last Rights with Professor Jeffrey Simon

    In this episode of "In Conversation," we sit down with Professor Jeffrey Simon, author of the new book "Last Rights: The Fight to Save the 7th Amendment," to discuss the threats to your constitutional right to trial by jury.  | Watch Now

  • One minute could save your life

    250,000 lives are stolen each year by medical errors. A small number of dangerous doctors commit the majority of the harm to patients. Take one minute to ensure your doctor isn't one of them. | Watch Now

  • Episode 74: The Rundown - Spring 2024