• The Rundown - April 2023

    In this month's episode of "The Rundown," Executive Director Ware Wendell updates the public on what is happening at the Texas Capitol, good bills that will improve safety, and bad bills that may restrict your rights or threaten your family.  | Watch Now

  • Safe Repairs Save Lives!

    We need legislation this session to ensure our vehicles are repaired safely. HB 1437 by Rep. Clardy and SB 554 by Sen. Hughes make fair auto insurance appraisal mandatory in Texas policies. And HB 1321 by Rep. Clardy will ensure quality auto parts are used to make quality repairs that follow accepted safety standards. | Watch Now

  • Oppose HB 19 & SB 27!

    Judges need to be elected by the people, not hand-picked by the governor! Tell lawmakers to oppose HB 19 & SB 27! | ACT NOW

  • Episode 68: The April 2023 Rundown