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ACT NOW: No Blue Tarp Bills

Texans pay their premiums in exchange for a promise -- a promise that when disaster strikes, their claims will be paid in full and on time. But, too often Texas families and businesses are unfairly denied, delayed, and underpaid on their valid claims. Now, insurance lobbyists have come to the Texas Capitol for policyholders' last line of defense: their legal rights. SB 10 and HB 1774, more aptly called the "Blue Tarp Bills," lessen penalties for insurers and prolong the rebuilding process for Texas communities. Families, businesses, churches, and schools need full payment from their carriers to rebuild after disaster. If insurance lobbyists have their way, Texas will be blanketed in blue tarps. Tell the Texas Legislature to stand with Texas families, businesses, churches, and schools by signing the petition to #protectpolicyholders today. 

Texans Want Policyholder Protections

After years of fighting to preserve policyholder protections, Texas families and businesses have not backed down. Insurance lobbyists have repeatedly attempted to get off the hook for their deny, delay and underpay tactics. Last legislative session, Texas families and businesses banded together and beat back industry efforts. After their defeat at the Capitol, insurance bandits tried to sneak a dangerous provision into your policy, which would have forced policyholders into the biased kangaroo court of arbitration. But, your efforts once again kept them at bay. Now, insurance lobbyists and their puppets and proxies are back at the Capitol for your rights. Texas Watch and our activists will not back down in the fight to #protectpolicyholders.

Faces of Insurance Abuse

Too many Texas policyholders have endured a second storm of insurance abuse. Now, insurance lobbyists are after policyholders' last line of defense: their legal protections. Watch the stories of Texans who have been unfairly denied, delayed, and underpaid here

The Insurance Hustle

In the years that insurers have claimed a crisis, carriers have raked in billions. Outperforming the nation in profitability for three years running, Texas homeowners insurance carriers have been making profits hand over fist. 

When the Laws Work, Stop Meddling

The 84th Texas Legislature passed tough new laws on public insurance adjusters to ensure they cannot abuse insurers or policyholders. 

SB 1060 requires public insurance adjusters to actually do their job, prohibits solicitation of cases on behalf of attorneys, and prohibits referral payments. HB 1265 makes public insurance adjuster solicitation, whether direct or indirect, a Deceptive Trade Practice Act violation, exposing adjusters to full accountability through our civil justice system for their wrongful acts.
Recently compiled figures released by the Texas Department of Insurance show that these strong laws are having an effect. New public insurance adjuster license applications, issuances, and especially renewals have dropped significantly in 2016. 

Any public insurance adjusters intent on running cases and scamming the public receive no quarter in Texas. SB 10 and HB 1774 tip the balance in favor of insurance companies, which would have catastrophic consequences for the Texas economy.