Contact the Texas Department of Insurance!

Did your insurance company under indemnify your claim or refuse to let you go through the appraisal process? We need YOU to contact the Texas Department of Insurance! Click HERE to access TDI's complaint portal.

We estimate this process might take between 5-10 minutes. 

Getting Started:

  1. Create an account with the Texas Department of Insurance through the complaint portal
  2. Under "My Workspace," click "Submit a Complaint." 

Your Information:

On the first page, fill out your contact information, including your phone number and email. 

Insured Information: 

On the second page ("Insured Information"), click whether the complaint is against your insurance company or another party's insurance company. 

Enter the insurance company's name. (NOTE: You do not have to enter the insurance company's address.)

Complaint Against: 

Under "Policy," select whether the insurance policy is private auto or commercial auto insurance. 

Under "Claim," type in the claim number and the date of loss. 

Insurance Information:

For "Detail of Complaint," please submit the following: (You are free to copy and paste this text, or enter your complaint in your own words.)

Your Situation: What to submit for "Detail of Complaint":

If the insurance company low-balled the cost to repair your car (feel free to copy & paste all that apply):

My claim was under indemnified by the insurance company. 

I had to pay out of my pocket to properly repair my vehicle.

The insurance company refused to indemnify me for safe and necessary OEM (manufacturer) repair methods by ignoring and refusing to reimburse for procedures that my car manufacturer deemed necessary for a safe repair.

The insurance company used tactics to delay my claim.

After the repairs, there was a balance owed to the body shops that insurance didn't pay.

The insurance company refused to allow me to invoke my policy right of appraisal.

I believe that TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) should enforce the consumer bill of rights by prohibiting insurers from dictating the use of cheap, imitation parts. 

If your car was declared a total loss unnecessarily: 

The insurance company unlawfully deemed my repairable vehicle a total loss.

The insurance company refused to properly indemnify me from charges due to the collision facility associated with the total loss.

The insurance company undervalued my vehicle when settling the total loss claim. 

If the insurance company tried to make you use their preferred collision center: 

The insurance company used language that attempted to steer me to their preferred collision center.

The insurance company used tactics to delay my claim, which punished me for not using their preferred collision repair center.

If your policy included a rental car, but the insurance company did not cover it: 

The insurance company refused to honor the rental car coverage.


If your vehicle was repairable: 

Under "Describe what you would consider to be a fair resolution to your complaint," we suggest you enter:  

These issues are addressed under the 1963 United States Consent Decree, the Texas Consumer Bill of Rights (specifically items #27 and #25), Texas insurance codes section 1952.301 & 1952.302, and commissioner's bulletins (B-0026-11). My rights have been blatantly ignored by the insurance company, and it is clear that the Bill of Rights is not a guideline they abide by. The Texas Department of Insurance must enforce the Texas Consumer Bill of Rights. It seems the insurance company is operating under unfair and deceptive trade practices by endorsing or only paying for the use of parts that have been presented as being of like kind and quality but have not undergone the proper testing to ensure these parts are safe in the event of a collision. The business and commerce code defines deceptive trade practices as unlawful under section 17.46 (b)(7), which reads, "representing that goods or services are of a particular standard, quality, or grade, or that goods are of a particular style or model, if they are of another." My repair shop is professional, and they rely on the manufacturer of my vehicle for instructions on how to repair my vehicle safely. The insurance company denied these safety parts/procedures. The Texas Department of Insurance should enforce the above laws and guidelines to protect the Texas consumer. I should be reimbursed for my out-of-pocket expenses -- I have the right to a safe and proper repair, not a repair that cuts corners to save the insurance company money.

If your vehicle was a total loss:

Under "Describe what you would consider to be a fair resolution to your complaint," we suggest you enter:  

Item 24 of the Texas Consumer Bill of Rights says, “You have the right to reject any settlement amount, including any unfair valuation, offered by the insurance company. If you reject a settlement offer, your options include continuing to negotiate with the insurer or pursuing legal remedies, such as mediation, arbitration, or filing a lawsuit.” TDI also instructs consumers to invoke their right to appraisal several places on their website.

Additionally, The Texas Transportation Code Subchapter E Section 501.091 outlines and defines the requirement of a vehicle to be a total loss under items 9 & 15. The Texas DMV Owner retained vehicle report states that falsifying information on a total loss vehicle is a 3rd-degree felony which seemingly would include the insurance company stating that my vehicle met the outlined requirements when it did not and was below Texas’ 100% total loss threshold. The Texas Department of Insurance should enforce the above laws and guidelines to protect the Texas consumer. I want to be fully indemnified for my loss without hiring an attorney.

Documentation and Declaration:


Uploading/sending documentation is not necessary, but if you have documents available, we strongly encourage uploading any of the following: 

  • Any letters from the insurance company related to your claim
  • Any receipts/invoices from the body shop 
  • Any documents relating to the repair 

Please select how you'd like to send TDI your documentation (via mail or uploading). If you are mailing your information, please make copies of your documents. 

You do not need to select the "I approve" button next to "TDI may release my email address in response to a public information request." 

However, you must select the "I approve" button next to "To file this complaint, we need your approval to share your complaint information."


Please answer the required questions: 

  • Have you previously reported this problem to our office?
  • Are you represented by an attorney?

Review Complaint: 

Please review your information, then press "Submit."