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  • #TruckingDanger: Say No to HB 19 & SB 17!

    Year after year, Texas has the highest number of truck wrecks in the nation. The number of truck crashes from 2016 to 2019 INCREASED by almost 30%. Tell your lawmaker to say NO to HB 19 and SB 17!

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  • Help our veterans. Support HB 3953 and HB 3957!

    Our veterans served honorably overseas, taking the fight to those dead set on doing us harm. Now, many of our vets are returning home sick with rare cancers and lung disorders. The cause? Open burn pits operated on our military bases. Texas doesn't abandon its warriors. They took care of us. Now it's our turn to take care of them.

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  • Make Insurance Appraisal Fair: Support HB 2534 & SB 1706!

    Appraisal should be a fair process, a two-way street, not a weapon strategically used by insurance companies against policyholders. The parties should start the appraisal process early in the dispute so everyone knows where they stand. HB 2534 by Rep. Travis Clardy and SB 1706 make the process fair. 

    Please contact your lawmaker now and tell them to SUPPORT HB 2534 and SB 1706!

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  • Call your lawmaker to oppose SB 207 & HB 1617!

    Call your lawmaker to oppose SB 207 & HB 1617!

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  • Safe Repairs Save Lives: Support HB 1131!

    All Texans deserve safe repairs after their vehicles are damaged -- because safe repairs save lives. Please support HB 1131 by Rep. Travis Clardy, which will help protect Texas families on our roads. HB 1131 will ensure quality auto parts are used to make quality repairs that follow accepted safety standards. And it will prevent insurance companies from steering people to their "preferred" body shops. All Texans should have the right to take their vehicle to the body shop of their choice, free from intimidation or coercion from the for-profit insurance industry.

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  • Send a Letter to Lawmakers to Support HB 359 and SB 1935!

    When you pay more to purchase insurance to protect yourself from uninsured and underinsured motorists (UM/UIM), you expect your insurance company to pay up after a wreck. But a Texas Supreme Court case called Brainard v. Trinity Universal Insurance complicates things unnecessarily, forcing you to go to court first before your company has to pay you. HB 359 by Rep. Charlie Geren will restore your rights, meaning the coverage you have paid for will kick in sooner, protecting you and your family as you intended. Send a letter to your representative today!

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  • Stop "Swoop and Settle" Insurance Schemes!

    Insurance companies prey on vulnerable Texans. After a wreck, they often swoop in and try to get you to settle on the cheap before you know the full extent of your damages and medical costs. Stop this dangerous predatory practice! 

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  • #TruckingDanger: Call Your Lawmakers Opposing HB 19 AND SB 17!

    Call your lawmaker today and tell them NO on HB 19 & SB 17!

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  • #TruckingDanger: Write a Letter to Your Local Paper Opposing HB 19 and SB 17

    Write a letter to your local newspaper opposing HB 19 and SB 17!

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  • Share Your Story

    Share Your Story

    Your story can speak volumes. By sharing your struggle to hold your insurance company, health care provider, or corporation accountable, you can help us promote common sense reforms at the Capitol. Tell us your story and help strengthen accountability and safety measures for all Texans.

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