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  • Help our veterans. Support HB 306 & SB 131!

    When duty called, they put their lives on the line -- for us. All of us.

    Our veterans served honorably overseas, taking the fight to those dead set on doing us harm. Now, many of our vets are returning home sick with rare cancers and lung disorders. The cause? Open burn pits operated on our military bases.

  • Patient Rights At Risk: Say No to H.R. 1215

    Proposed federal legislation would put road blocks in the way of justice for injured patients and their families. H.R. 1215 greatly reduces the accountability of unsafe hospitals and incompetent doctors and puts the legal rights of patients at risk. We've tried restrictive laws like this in Texas, and the results have been tragic for patients.

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    Our recurring, monthly donors are the core of our funding base, and any amount makes a huge difference in the work we can do.

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