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  • Proposed federal legislation would put road blocks in the way of justice for injured patients and their families. H.R. 1215 greatly reduces the accountability of unsafe hospitals and incompetent doctors and puts the legal rights of patients at risk. We've tried restrictive laws like this in Texas, and the results have been tragic for patients.

Latest Actions

  • Forced Arbitration

    Did you know that virtually every time you use a credit card, join a gym, buy a car or use your cell phone you are giving up your legal rights? It’s true.

  • Workplace Safety

    Texas workers have a right to expect that their employers will provide a safe workplace. While many jobs include some risk of injury, it is incumbent upon every employer to take all steps necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the Texas workforce.

    All too often employers fall short of fulfilling the duty they have to their workers. That is why we need strong legal protections for workers who are harmed on the job.

    Tell your lawmakers that workers deserve to have strong accountability measures in place and businesses must make safe workplaces a priority.

  • Patient Protection

    Texans were promised back in 2003 that if they agreed to arbitrary restrictions on their legal rights health care would be more accessible and less expensive. Years later, however, our health care costs are higher than ever, a huge number of Texans are still uninsured, and underserved communities continue to struggle to attract quality doctors.