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  • Episode 35: The February 24th Rundown

    In today's episode, Executive Director Ware Wendell discusses insurance claims after the winter storm and how best to approach that process as many begin to rebuild across our state.

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  • Episode 34: The February 10th Rundown

    In today's episode, Executive Director Ware Wendell gives us the Rundown on bills Texas Watch is working on, helpful insurance resources, and how you can best get involved as the Texas Legislature gets geared up. 

  • Episode 33: The Rundown

    In today's episode, Executive Director Ware Wendell gives us an update on what's happening at the Capitol, some of our priorities, and how you can get involved in advocating for safety, accountability, and justice this legislative session. 

  • Episode 32: The 87th Legislature: Week One

    In today's episode, Executive Director Ware Wendell previews what Texas Watch will be working on during the 87th legislature and speaks to the importance of the legislative process at the Texas Capitol. You'll hear remarks from the Governor, Speaker, and Lt. Governor on the first day of session as well. 

  • Episode 31: Tort "Reform" in Texas: A Brutal History

    In today's episode, Executive Director Ware Wendell takes us through the 25-year history of tort "reform" in Texas and how this corporate campaign has threatened your safety and impeded your constitutional right to trial by jury.

  • Episode 30: In Conversation: Digital Privacy With Christopher Dufour

    In this episode of "In Conversation," we sit down with Christopher Dufour, an expert on digital privacy, to learn how best to protect ourselves and combat disinformation online. In a rapidly changing world, threats to our privacy and security come from all sides -- individuals, governments, and corporations. Consumers need the best resources available to guard their information.

  • Episode 29: The Rundown: Voting

    In today's episode, Executive Director Ware Wendell gives us an update on The Rundown of the latest from Texas Watch and how you can make your voice heard this election season.  

  • Episode 28: Auto Insurance Overcharges

    In today's episode, we sit down with Ann Baddour, director of the Fair Financial Services Project at Texas Appleseed, to discuss how auto insurance companies have been overcharging policyholders during the pandemic and what needs to be done to protect Texas families. 

  • Episode 27: Nursing Home Infections

    On today's episode, we'll be going over the toll of the pandemic on nursing homes in Texas, and what the state must do to keep our most vulnerable safe. Cissy Sanders, an advocate with Families for Better Care, who has fought for nursing home safety, is our guest this week. 

  • Episode 26: The Rundown

    Executive Director Ware Wendell updates the public on our pressing consumer, policyholder, patient, and worker safety priorities as we approach the next legislative session.

  • Episode 25: In Conversation: Broadus Spivey

    Broadus Spivey is one of the most respected and experienced attorneys in the country. He is a real-life Atticus Finch who has dedicated his life to helping others. We sat down with him to discuss his career on this week's edition of Texas Tells.