Consumers share stories about the need for #FairAppraisal and #SafeRepairs

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Over 1,000 Texans have contacted their lawmakers in support of legislation for #FairAppraisal and #SafeRepairs. Texas Watch is in strong support of HB 1437 and HB 1321 by Rep. Clardy and SB 554 by Sen. Hughes. These important safety bills will save lives. HB 1437 and SB 554 make fair auto insurance appraisal mandatory in Texas policies. And HB 1321 ensures that quality parts are used for quality repairs.

Some insurance companies are trying to take the right to an appraisal for repair claims out of policies in Texas. If this happens, consumers will have no real options when it comes to resolving disputes with their insurance company. Fair auto appraisal, with protections built in to prevent delay tactics, can help you resolve disputes with your insurance company quickly, so you can get back on the road with the confidence your repair was done safely. 

In our report, Impact of Auto Appraisalwe analyzed over 1,000 claims settled through independent, third-party appraisers. We found that for repair claims, appraisal helped consumers recover an average of about $5,300 from their insurance company. Appraisal increased the value of total loss claims by an average of $3,889.27. Across all claims analyzed, appraisal helped over 1,000 Texans collectively recover $5,081,431.83. 

Consumers benefit from fair auto appraisal. For instance, the Frasers from Garland, TX were involved in a crash while taking their grandkids Christmas shopping. They took their car to an independent body shop, but their insurance company would only pay $13,943.67 to repair the vehicle. They hired an independent, third-party appraiser, who determined that the damage would cost about $25,228 to fix the car. Because of the appraisal clause, the Frasers were able to safely repair their vehicle, getting back on the road with confidence. 

Often, consumers feel like they are taken advantage of by their own insurance company before hiring an appraiser. Cindy Hellstern from Dallas hired an independent, third-party appraiser on her economic total loss claim. Her insurance company tried to declare her repairable vehicle a total loss. After hiring an appraiser, she was able to repair her car. She said, "If not for the appraisal clause in my policy, I would have lost my car with no say in the matter, with no notice from them, and no discussion."

For consumers who do not have appraisal in their policies for repair claims, they have no real options when resolving disputes with their insurance company. Sean Pan from Houston, for instance, had to pay over $2,000 for his car to be repaired safely. 

Please click here for more consumer stories on auto insurance abuse. Please tell your lawmakers to support HB 1437, HB 1321, and SB 554! Click here to contact your lawmakers in support of #FairAppraisal and #SafeRepairs. Fair appraisal leads to safe repairs, and safe repairs save lives!

By: Kelly Taft, Director of Organizing

Legislative advertising paid for by Ware Wendell, Executive Director, Texas Watch, P.O. Box 42198, Austin, TX 78704.


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