Protect your rights!

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You have two opportunities right now to tell lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to stand up and protect your rights.

The Take Justice Back campaign has two online petitions that make it easy to make your voice heard. 

The first tells regulators in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to stop fine print traps by reining in abusive forced arbitration. Too often, corporations bully you into giving away your right to trial by jury when you sign on the dotted line. This is your chance to tell lawmakers to protect you and your family, not big businesses scheming to escape accountability for their actions. You can sign the petition here:

We joined over 100 groups in asking the CFPB to end this harmful practice. You can read the letter here.

The second petition focuses on toxic exposure from the pesticide Roundup. After farmworkers and others developed cancer from this product, juries acted to deliver justice. Now, the company that produced the cancer-causing pesticide is lobbying lawmakers to handcuff local and state governments. You can tell your lawmaker to protect you, not those who poison our communities here:

Lawmakers hear from hired lobbyists every day. Shouldn't they hear from you?



PDF icon Over 100 Organizations Support CFPB Forced Arb Rulemaking_FINAL (1).pdf