We face an epidemic of preventable deaths related to medical errors in our country.Johns Hopkins study showed medical errors are the third leading cause of death, only behind heart disease and cancer, costing over 250,000 Americans their lives each year. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine estimated one in four patients experience harm in a hospital. In Texas, the effect of so-called tort "reform" has been devastating for patients who face high hurdles to justice if they are victims of medical malpractice. 

We must do more to protect patients in our state. The Texas Legislature is evaluating a number of important bills this session in this area.



Transparency and accountability at the Texas Medical Board are key for protecting patients' rights and safety. Preventable medical errors steal hundreds of thousands of lives each year in our country. A small number of doctors commit the majority of the harm. Dangerous doctors, whether poorly trained or in crisis, must be kept away from patients. You should be able to find out if a doctor has a dangerous background, and the Texas Medical Board should keep them from practicing medicine in our state. HB 1998 by Rep. Julie Johnson will help improve the Texas Medical Board, putting patient safety first. Take one minute to tell your lawmakers to support HB 1998!

Executive Director Ware Wendell testifies in favor of HB 1998


HB 49 by Rep. Klick improves hospital transparency, making state investigation reports public. We support this bill because sunlight is the best disinfectant. Patients need the best safety information when choosing a hospital for treatment. Please tell your lawmaker to support HB 49 by Rep. Klick today!

Executive Director Ware Wendell testifies in favor of HB 49

Becky Berend advocates for #PatientSafety and #HospitalTransparency



Patients need to understand the risks and complications associated with a medical procedure so they can make an informed decision. The Texas Medical Disclosure Panel, which develops disclosure language, is supposed to help patients; however, this panel currently only consists of doctors and lawyers. HB 148 by Rep. Julie Johnson requires the Texas Medical Disclosure Panel to actually include members from the public. We need members of the public and other advocates on the panel who will push for patients, giving them a voice and ensuring that the language doctors use to talk to patients about complicated and potentially life-threatening procedures is plain and easy-to-understand. This common-sense reform will help the Texas Medical Disclosure Panel do its job by making disclosures understandable for patients. Please tell your lawmakers to support HB 148 by Rep. Julie Johnson today!

Patient safety advocates testified in favor of HB 148



Our seniors are vulnerable to abuse and they need our help. Criminal background checks must be required for those who come into contact with our seniors. HB 1100 by Rep. Julie Johnson requires criminal background checks for employees and service providers at senior living facilities. It also prohibits forced arbitration clauses for residents of these facilities, protecting their rights and their family members in the event of a tragedy. Compared to our courts, which are open and transparent, arbitration takes place in private, often hiding corporate wrongdoing in the dark. Our senior citizens deserve better, and we must protect the most vulnerable in our communities. Raise your voice and support HB 1100 by Rep. Julie Johnson today!