Patients need to understand the risks and complications associated with a medical procedure so they can make an informed decision. The Texas Medical Disclosure Panel, which develops disclosure language, is supposed to help patients; however, this panel currently only consists of doctors and lawyers. HB 148 by Rep. Julie Johnson requires the Texas Medical Disclosure Panel to actually include members from the public. 

We need members of the public and other advocates on the panel who will push for patients, giving them a voice and ensuring that the language doctors use to talk to patients about complicated and potentially life-threatening procedures is plain and easy-to-understand. This common-sense reform will help the Texas Medical Disclosure Panel do its job by making disclosures understandable for patients. Please tell your lawmakers to support HB 148 by Rep. Julie Johnson today!

Legislative advertising paid for by Ware Wendell, Executive Director, Texas Watch, P.O. Box 42198, Austin, TX 78704.