Safe Repairs Save Lives!

We need #FairAppraisal and #SafeRepairs!

Too often, insurance companies offer too little for the cost to repair a vehicle or the value of a total loss. Fair auto appraisal is a process that allows you and your insurance company to determine how much a repair will cost. After a car crash, insurance companies often lowball claims, trying to “repair” your car on the cheap. Repairs must be done safely, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, to protect you and your family. Fair auto appraisal, with protections built in to prevent delay tactics, can help you resolve disputes with your insurance company quickly, so you can get back on the road with the confidence your repair was done safely. 

Texas Watch analyzed over 1,000 claims that were settled by independent, third-party appraisers. Please click here to view our full report. On average, we found that the appraisal award was $5,307.35 higher than the insurance company's offer to repair the vehicle. Appraisal increased the value of total loss claims by an average of $3,889.27. Across all claims analyzed, appraisal helped over 1,000 Texans collectively recover $5,081,431.83. 

Some insurance companies are trying to take away the right to appraisal. State Farm removed the right to appraisal for repair claims from policies in 2015, and GEICO tried to remove the right to appraisal for repair claims in 2022. We must pass legislation that protects consumers' right to a fair auto appraisal, or consumers will be forced to cut corners on safe repairs or be stuck with a large repair bill. Fair appraisal leads to safe repairs, and safe repairs save lives! 

At the Capitol

Texas Watch is advocating for #SafeRepairs and #FairAppraisal this legislative session. HB 1437 and SB 554 make fair appraisal mandatory in Texas auto policies. And HB 1321 will ensure quality auto parts are used to make quality repairs that follow accepted safety standards. Fair appraisal leads to safe repairs, and safe repairs save lives!

In Conversation: Auto Appraisal with Robert McDorman

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