This legislative session, Texas Watch will be working to ensure safety on our roads and justice in our courts. Through this site, we'll be updating the public on the campaign to protect your rights. Please check back often, as we will have more information on how you can best stay engaged so you and your family are protected. 

Your story can speak volumes. By sharing your struggle to hold wrongdoers accountable, you can help us promote common sense reforms at the Texas Capitol. Tell us your story and help strengthen accountability and safety measures for all Texans. Share your story here.

Hold Wrongdoers Accountable!

Texans deserve the safest roads possible whether they are driving to work or traveling to see family. The rules of the road are an agreement that we make with one another to protect life. When those rules are broken and someone is needlessly harmed, our courts are there to help balance the scales of justice and ensure costs are allocated appropriately. We must ensure our duties to one another are honored. This is especially true with trucking collisions, which can cause catastrophic injuries. Those who have been harmed should be able to learn about the full extent of the wrongdoing that has upended their lives so they can seek justice under the law. In doing so, they protect all of us on the road.