We faithfully pay our premiums to insurance companies each year and expect them to help us in our time of need. But too often, insurers take advantage of us when they wrongfully deny, delay, or underpay valid claims in order to pad their profits. This has to stop. Insurance companies need to follow the rules, just like the rest of us. The Texas Legislature has an opportunity this session to protect policyholders.


Recovering Your Costs by Protecting Your Rights

Insurance companies know you are vulnerable after a wreck, and they can take advantage of you in your time of need. Predatory insurance tactics known as “Swoop and Settle” schemes trick many unsuspecting Texans into giving up their rights before they know the full extent of their damages. A wrongly-decided appellate court decision makes the oral release of your claims enforceable against you. That means an insurance adjuster could call you right after a wreck and get you to waive your rights over the phone in exchange for an insufficient amount of money, dangling a quick check in front of you that won't cover your full costs. This could happen before your doctor has even had a chance to evaluate your condition and before you know how long you’ll be out of work. Without enough money from the insurance company, you could end up holding the bag. These schemes must be brought to an end because they impose unnecessary costs on unsuspecting families and our healthcare system. HB 150 by Rep. Julie Johnson and SB 1042 by Sen. Hughes fix this by prohibiting oral releases, forcing the insurance companies to put important information in writing and stopping the insurance “vulture culture.” Please tell your lawmakers to support HB 150 and SB 1042 today!

Executive Director Ware Wendell testifies in favor of HB 150

Stop "Swoop & Settle" Schemes!

Let's Stop Swoop & Settle Insurance Schemes in Texas!


Many Texans pay extra to protect themselves if they are hit by a driver with no insurance or too little insurance. A wrongly-decided Texas Supreme Court decision lets insurance companies force you to go to court before they have to pay on these types of auto claims. That makes no sense. Insurance companies are in the business of assessing fault, determining damages, and paying claims. They know how to do this, but it's going to take the Texas Legislature to force them to do so. HB 1320 by Rep. Charlie Geren will help Texas families get paid in full and on time for their uninsured/underinsured motorist claims. It's time that auto insurance companies pay what they promised. 

Executive Director Ware Wendell testifies in favor of HB 1706

Executive Director Ware Wendell testifies in favor of HB 1900