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  • Episode 35: The February 24th Rundown

    In today's episode, Executive Director Ware Wendell discusses insurance claims after the winter storm and how best to approach that process as many begin to rebuild across our state.

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  • Episode 24: The 86th Legislative Session

    The latest edition of our podcast goes over the most successful session in the 20-year history of Texas Watch. In addition, we highlight some of the big issues of this session. 

  • Episode 23: Swoop & Settle

    Too often, insurance companies "swoop and settle" claims right after a wreck when an injured person is vulnerable and unaware of the full extent of their damages. The latest edition of our podcast tells the story of Rayza, a nineteen-year-old child care worker who released her legal claims right after a wreck when an insurance company called her and took a recorded statement. HB 2374 by Rep. Julie Johnson would end this predatory insurance practice and protect your family. 

  • Episode 22: Insurance Lobbyists Destroy Your Rights

    This week, Executive Director Ware Wendell goes over how the insurance lobbyists have destroyed your property rights. To learn how lawmakers voted, please visit: http://www.texaswatch.org/blue-tarp-bill-how-your-lawmaker-voted

  • Episode 21: Protecting our Veterans' Safety

    When Leroy Torres first arrived on the Balad military base in Iraq, he said he immediately noticed the smell. It was coming from the base’s burn pit, a pile of everything disposed of on a base, including trash, medical waste, chemicals, and more, which was set ablaze and burned all day, every day. Soon after arriving in Iraq, Leroy fell ill and doctors didn’t have the answers for his symptoms.

  • Episode 20: Fighting for Safer Auto Repairs

    When Marcia and Mathew Seebachan bought their Honda Fit in 2013, they did their homework. But, nothing told them that the car had been previously repaired for hail damage to its roof or that those repairs did not meet manufacturer standards. That shoddy repair work turned out to be pivotal when just four months later, they were struck head-on by a Toyota Tundra truck hydroplaning out of control.

    This month, we talked to Marcia about her fight for justice and holding the repair shop and insurance company accountable in court. 

  • Episode 19: Consumer Scandals and the #RipOffClause

    Wells Fargo. Equifax. Recent consumer scandals have brought to light important questions of how we could have prevented millions of consumers from being put at financial risk. Enter the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which announced a rule this summer to ban forced arbitration provisions in financial contracts that prevent harmed consumers from banding together in court. This allows consumers to hold wrongdoers fully accountable in court. But, the new rule may be in jeopardy.

  • Episode 18: National Bill Puts #RightsAtRisk

    In 2003, Texas passed radical medical malpractice laws under the guise of "improving patient access to care" and "improving medical care: by reducing purportedly "burdensome lawsuits." Fourteen years later, these promises have not been kept, and patients, their families, and taxpayers have paid the price.

  • Episode 17: Phantom Policies Haunt Texas Roads

    Phantom Policies are haunting Texas roads, making dangerous conditions for all drivers. These policies create gaps in coverage by excluding coverage for household members who are not specifically listed in a policy. This practice not only harms the policyholder who often believes they're covered but any third party involved in a crash. Today, 1.5 million Texans are driving with Phantom Policies and as such, only have phantom policy.

  • Episode 16: The Blue Tarp Bills

    After disaster strikes, Texans start the process of rebuilding and getting back on their feet. But too often, insurers delay and underpay policyholders' valid claims. A policyholder can’t rebuild until they have full payment in hand. When insurers underpay Texans and add unnecessary delays, Texas communities are left in the lurch. This month, SB 10 and HB 1774, more aptly referred to as the Blue Tarp Bills, were filed.

  • Episode 15: Insurance Lobbyists "Set The Table"

    On October 5th, the Texas Senate Business and Commerce Committee will meet to discuss a Texas Department of Insurance report on weather-related claims. But, some consumer advocates are concerned that the one-sided report could be used against Texas families and businesses. We talked to Texas Watch’s Executive Director Ware Wendell about his concerns on the biases within the report.

    You can tell the Senate committee to preserve policyholder protections here.