COVID-TX: Auto Insurance Overcharges, Episode 2

Home & Auto Insurance

Texans pay their insurance premiums each month in exchange for a promise that their premiums will be payed in full and on time. Unfortunately, bureaucrats have allowed insurance companies to abuse their customers in ways that increase their bottom line. Over the past decade, these companies have carved up their policies, offering less coverage, while continuing to raise premiums. As a result, many Texans are paying too much for policies that cover too little. Without meaningful reform, insurance companies in Texas will continue to “Delay, Deny, and Defend” claims knowing that everyday Texans don’t have the time and legal resources to fight it. 

Saving Money While Saving Lives

Take one minute to tell the Texas Department of Insurance to review auto rates across our state without delay and order reductions wherever warranted. Every dollar saved on your insurance is a dollar that can go toward putting food on your table for your family.