Top 5 Consumer Tips for Insurance Claims

Home & Auto Insurance

Texans pay their insurance premiums each month in exchange for a promise that their premiums will be payed in full and on time. Unfortunately, bureaucrats have allowed insurance companies to abuse their customers in ways that increase their bottom line. Over the past decade, these companies have carved up their policies, offering less coverage, while continuing to raise premiums. As a result, many Texans are paying too much for policies that cover too little. Without meaningful reform, insurance companies in Texas will continue to “Delay, Deny, and Defend” claims knowing that everyday Texans don’t have the time and legal resources to fight it. 


We've compiled resources from across the state to help you protect life and property during storms, providing tips on insurance claims and how to hire reputable contractors. Resources here.


Predatory insurance tactics known as “Swoop and Settle” schemes trick many unsuspecting Texans into giving up their rights after a wreck before they know the full extent of their damages. HB 150 by Rep. Julie Johnson fixes this by prohibiting oral releases, forcing the insurance companies to put important information in writing. Support HB 150 today!