The Seventh Amendment, entrusted to us by the Founders, gives you the power to protect yourself and your family from abuse.

The constitutional right to trial by jury enshrined by this vital amendment allows individuals to hold even the most powerful multinational corporations accountable in a court of law. Because it empowers everyday citizens, this right is under sustained attack from corporate special interests bent on perverting the laws in their favor. No one should be above the law.

The video series on this page seeks to educate the public about their rights so they are able to fight for them. Please share this content with your family and friends to help spread the word. There is strength in numbers. Stand up and fight for "liberty and justice for all" before your rights are extinguished.

The 7th Amendment: Episode 1

The 7th Amendment: Episode 2

The 7th Amendment: Episode 3

The 7th Amendment: Episode 4

The 7th Amendment: Episode 5