In the News: Texas car insurance premiums are soaring. Here's what's behind the spike — and what you can do

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Madison Iszler, staff writer for the San Antonio-Express News, recently investigated the sky-high increase in auto insurance premiums in Texas. According to the Texas Department of Insuranceauto rates jumped over 25% last year, the highest increase in at least a decade and more than twice the national average. 

Texas Watch Executive Director Ware Wendell stated: "We want to make sure the auto insurance industry is not taking advantage of rising costs by overcharging customers even more for their insurance," also criticizing insurers' "over-reliance" on using customers' credit scores. 

Taking a few minutes to shop the market can make a big difference for Texas families. To do so, we encourage the public to use the tools on, which are maintained by the Texas Department of Insurance and the Office of Public Insurance Counsel.


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