Press Release on TWIA Insurance Rate Hike

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Ware Wendell, Executive Director, Texas Watch (512-381-1111)

Over the objections of coastal lawmakers, the TWIA Board voted today to raise residential and commercial property insurance rates by 10 percent.

Executive Director Ware Wendell released the following statement:

"Coastal property owners have been hit with a triple whammy. First, Harvey's devastation. Then low, slow, and no pay insurance abuse tactics. And now a rate hike. The coast is an economic engine for our state. Our fellow Texans who live and work there are being forced to take it on the chin again and again while the insurance industry is shielded."

Texas Watch is a non-partisan, non-profit citizen advocacy organization that has fought for the rights of policyholders in Texas since 1998.




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