Forced arbitration clauses are buried in the fine print of contracts by more and more corporations these days. Arbitration is a private and binding dispute resolution process where consumers and employees often lose. Corporations don't want to face juries because they know citizens will punish them for their wrongdoing, so they sneak arbitration language into their take-it-or-leave-it contracts. Confidentiality allows corporations to sweep their wrongdoing under the rug. It all amounts to a stacked deck against you and your family. 

Congress has an opportunity to end this injustice. The FAIR Act will prohibit the forced arbitration of consumer, employment, antitrust, and civil rights cases, restoring your legal rights and preserving your ability to bring your dispute before a jury of your peers. This common-sense piece of legislation needs your support to pass. Please take one minute to tell your representative and senators to pass the FAIR Act!

The FAIR Act passed! Please check back soon for more advocacy opportunities, and please sign up below for our email updates.