We Reached Over 1 Million People This Year Thanks to You

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Because of your support and the action you have taken, we reached over 1 million people this year, educating them about the fight for their rights.

Thank you to all of our supporters for everything you do.

We will need you to answer the call again in 2019, but for now, from all of us here at Texas Watch, we hope you and yours have a blessed and restful holiday.

Texas Needs Safe Roads, Not Dangerous Trucking Legislation

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We have a safety crisis on Texas roads. Texas has led the nation in the number of large truck crashes for years. Commercial trucks cause many more fatalities in Texas than other large states like California and Florida. Since 2009, the number of truck-related fatalities in Texas has increased an astonishing 105% at a time when our population has risen 18%. House Bill 19 undercuts safety by limiting evidence of corporate negligence in court.

Statement Regarding Coronavirus Civil Immunity Legislation

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A number of bills pending before the Texas Legislature give special privileges under the law to businesses or professionals facing liability due to the coronavirus. 
Ware Wendell, Executive Director of Texas Watch, issued this statement in response.

Supplemental Comments on HB 19: Safety Recommendations

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On Tuesday, March 9th, our team helped over 20 families tell their stories of commercial vehicle negligence, resulting in death or injury. After the hearing on HB 19, Chairman Leach asked for additional comment on HB 19. We chose to focus our comments on safety because it is so important for saving lives. We gave the committee many actionable items that would demonstrably reduce death and destruction on Texas roads.


The Blue Tarp Bill Applies to Snowstorms, Too

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A bad bill passed in the 2017 Texas legislative session favors insurance companies over policyholders.


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We've compiled resources from across the state to help you protect life and property during this winter storm and in the weeks ahead. 

Celebrating holidays during COVID

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This holiday season will likely look different for many families. We pulled some resources and ideas for you and your family to get creative--whether having small, safe gatherings or virtual gatherings. 

In-Person/Hybrid Ideas & Resources: 

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely This Year (Today Show)