We Reached Over 1 Million People This Year Thanks to You

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Because of your support and the action you have taken, we reached over 1 million people this year, educating them about the fight for their rights.

Thank you to all of our supporters for everything you do.

We will need you to answer the call again in 2019, but for now, from all of us here at Texas Watch, we hope you and yours have a blessed and restful holiday.

IN THE NEWS: ‘Meaningful’ bill protecting patient safety thanks to KXAN investigation, lawmaker says

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Texas Watch's Executive Director Ware Wendell was featured in KXAN investigative reporter Matt Grant's latest story, "‘Meaningful’ bill protecting patient safety thanks to KXAN investigation, lawmaker says." Ware was quoted saying, “Matt Grant with KXAN has done yeoman’s work in identifying problems at the medical board,” Wendell told lawmakers.

IN THE NEWS: Texas Watch digs into undervalued repairs & TLs, 3rd party appraisals 40% higher than carrier offer

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Editorial Content Director Lurah Lowery wrote about Texas Watch's latest report, Impact of Auto Appraisal, in Repairer Driven News. Lowery wrote, "As part of its advocacy for the mandatory right to appraisal in Texas, consumer advocacy group Texas Watch analyzed 1,246 auto insurance claims settled through independent appraisers.

Impact of Auto Appraisal Report

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Too often, insurance companies undervalue repair or total loss claims. The right to a fair auto insurance appraisal allows consumers to hire an independent, third party appraiser if there is a dispute about the amount it will take to repair the car or the value of the total loss. However, some insurance companies are trying to remove the right to a fair appraisal from policies. 


IN THE NEWS: New bill, sparked by KXAN investigations, aims to stop another ‘Dr. Death’ (KXAN)

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Texas Watch's Executive Director Ware Wendell was featured in investigative reporter Matt Grant's latest article about an important patient safety bill that will shed light on past disciplinary actions taken against doctors. Please click here to read the full article.

Make your voice heard this session with Texas Watch!

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This legislative session, make your voice heard using Texas Watch's easy-to-use petitions. Texas Watch is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that advocates for the rights of consumers, workers, patients, and policyholders. Lawmakers want to hear from YOU, not corporate lobbyists!

ACTION ALERT: Give Patients A Voice!

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Patients need to understand the risks and complications associated with a medical procedure so they can make an informed decision. The Texas Medical Disclosure Panel, which develops disclosure language, is supposed to help patients; however, this panel currently only consists of doctors and lawyers. HB 148 by Rep. Julie Johnson requires the Texas Medical Disclosure Panel to actually include members from the public. 

Action Alert: Call Your Lawmakers to Support #SafeRepairs and #FairAppraisal!

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We need legislation this session to ensure our vehicles are repaired safely! Please tell your lawmakers to SUPPORT HB 1437 and HB 1321 by Rep. Clardy and SB 554 by Sen.

The Rundown - January 2023

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In this month's episode of "The Rundown," Executive Director Ware Wendell updates the public on what is happening at the Texas Capitol, a great bill to protect drivers, our latest interview on auto safety, and our newest team member. Be sure to check out the links provided below.


1) “Day One: 88th Legislature,” Texas Watch (Video):