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When the Laws Work, Stop Meddling

When the Laws Work, Stop Meddling

The 84th Texas Legislature passed tough new laws on public insurance adjusters to ensure they cannot abuse insurers or policyholders. 

SB 1060 requires public insurance adjusters to actually do their job, prohibits solicitation of cases on behalf of attorneys, and prohibits referral payments. HB 1265 makes public insurance adjuster solicitation, whether direct or indirect, a Deceptive Trade Practice Act violation, exposing adjusters to full accountability through our civil justice system for their wrongful acts.

Recently compiled figures released by the Texas Department of Insurance show that these strong laws are having an effect. New public insurance adjuster license applications, issuances, and especially renewals have dropped significantly in 2016. 

Any public insurance adjusters intent on running cases and scamming the public receive no quarter in Texas. Any new laws would tip the balance in favor of insurance companies, which would have catastrophic consequences for the Texas economy.