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Introducing Amber George, Development and Operations Coordinator

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Texas Watch welcomed Amber George to the team at the beginning of 2023. When we first interviewed her for the position of Development and Operations Coordinator, she spoke of desire to be a champion for the underdog. We knew then she had found her team.

At her core, Amber is a helper. From a very early age she had a passion for helping others. It was something demonstrated by her parents both professionally and in their personal lives as volunteers and community leaders in East Texas. From a very early age, Amber admired the work of her father (an attorney) as it impressed upon her the importance of accountability and justice in society. Throughout her career, she has drawn upon that passion to become a dynamic development professional and skilled storyteller. Her career has always focused on helping those in need of a voice.

Amber is looking forward to contributing to our work of making Texas a safer, better place for all. 

Read Amber's full bio here.

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