National Safety Advocate Supports Push for Auto Safety in Texas

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(Photo: National safety advocate Todd Tracy and Texas Watch Deputy Director Tara Lee)

National safety advocate and attorney Todd Tracy, who has testified before Congress seven times on auto safety measures, supported the effort to protect Texas families on our roads with another $50,000 contribution to the cause today. Texas Watch is working with a coalition of leading auto safety specialists, pushing for changes to our insurance laws in order to end abusive insurance schemes and corner cutting that costs lives. 

Too often, insurance companies dictate unsafe repairs in the name of profit, refusing to pay for quality parts or repairs that follow manufacturer safety guidelines. Texans end up driving down the road in unsafe vehicles, unaware of the deadly threat that may be posed to them until the next collision. 

Todd Tracy represented the Seebachan family in a landmark case that uncovered unsafe repairs that led to catastrophic injuries. The Collin County couple was traveling for the holidays when a large pick-up truck hydroplaned, hitting them head-on. Their Honda Fit failed structurally and burst into flames, trapping them inside. A heroic Marine saved them from certain death by freeing them from the burning vehicle. Mr. Seebachan suffered fourth degree burns, requiring years of treatment. 

Mr. Tracy's investigation discovered the roof of their vehicle had been glued on by a collision center instead of following the manufacturer instructions of welding the roof in over 100 places. A Dallas County jury sent a strong message that such dangerous conduct will not be tolerated in our state.

HB 1348 by Representative Travis Clardy would make necessary changes to our laws, putting an end to these dangerous insurance schemes for good. It will ensure quality parts are used in quality repairs made by a quality shop of your choice. Take action to protect your family by telling lawmakers to support this important safety legislation.

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