OPIC Recommendations Include Right to Invoke Appraisal In Auto Policies

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The Office of Public Insurance Counsel (OPIC) released its Report to the 88th Texas Legislature: Recommendations Report, which advocates for a consumer's right to invoke an appraisal in auto policies. OPIC's report states, "OPIC is increasingly concerned with restrictions on appraisal in policy forms filed by top insurers. These restrictions can adversely impact consumers... Without appraisal, they may be forced to choose between accepting the insurer's offer and paying out-of-pocket for any disputed amount, or taking on the costly and time-consuming burden of going to court, while repairs to their auto or home remain in limbo." (OPIC 2023 Report, Page 6). 

Texas Watch is proud to advocate for the mandatory right to a fair appraisal in Texas auto policies. Consumers need a reasonable way to resolve disputes with their insurance companies if they lowball the cost of repairing a vehicle or the value of a total loss. Auto insurance appraisal should be a two-way street, with either party having the right to start the process, and insurance companies shouldn't be able to play delay games. Please take one minute to tell your lawmakers to make fair appraisal mandatory in Texas auto insurance policies here! We need fair appraisal for safe repairs because safe repairs save lives.


By Kelly Taft, Director of Organizing

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