Texas Watch joins consumer organizations in urging Congress to pass the FAIR Act

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Texas Watch joined over 60 organizations in urging Congress to pass the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal Act, which would eliminate pre-dispute forced arbitration clauses in consumer and worker contracts. 

Forced arbitration clauses hinder the seventh amendment right to trial by jury. When you sign an arbitration agreement, you give up your right to be heard in a traditional courtroom with an impartial judge and a jury by your peers. And it’s nearly impossible to finance a car, open a bank account, or sign a cable contract without signing an arbitration agreement in the terms and conditions. Forced arbitration proceedings occur behind closed doors, and they usually prohibit consumers, workers, and small businesses from banding together to fight corporate injustice in a class-action lawsuit. Arbitration stacks the deck against consumers and overwhelmingly favors corporate interests. 

The FAIR Act makes arbitration voluntary and allows consumers, workers, or small businesses to choose arbitration after they have been harmed. Americans need all the facts to make a good decision, and they should not be backed into a corner by corporations.

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