The Blue Tarp Bill Applies to Snowstorms, Too

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In 2017, the insurance lobby pushed a bill through the Texas Legislature that lessens penalties if insurers slow pay claims and puts hurdles in front of property owners who are forced to take their insurance company to court due to "deny, delay, underpay" tactics. It was sold as dealing with hail claims and roof damage, but the legislation broadly applies to property damage claims arising from "forces of nature," including snowstorms. Known as the "Blue Tarp Bill," it skews the law in favor of powerful insurance companies. Learn more about how this impacts your rights by clicking here.

WARNING: Some insurance policies have hair-trigger reporting deadlines for frozen pipe or thawing roof claims. Survey your property, and if you have damage, contact your insurance company NOW to report it. Document everything, including communications with your insurance company. Take photos of any damage and save all receipts. Read your policy and visit our website to know your rights.

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