Nursing Home/Assisted Living Resources

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If your loved one is in a nursing home/assisted living facility: 

Questions to consider if your loved one is still in a home: 

  • Can I drop off deliveries?
  • Are regular healthy-living programs in place?
  • How are residents staying engaged? 

Questions to consider before removing a loved one from a home:

To ask healthcare providers: 

  • If you have previously cared for a loved one before they entered a nursing home, what needs have changed?
  • What is being done to limit employees' and caregivers' exposure to COVID-19?
  • What type of care — assisted living, or nursing — does my loved one need?
  • How often are those who enter the building (delivery workers, healthcare workers, etc.) screened for symptoms?

To ask yourself: 

  • Do I have the resources to care for my loved ones at home? (i.e., how can I get groceries, can I get medications for them?)
  • Am I in close contact with anyone who might have COVID-19?
  • If aides are coming to the house, what is the backup plan if they do not show up because they are sick? 
  • If the person is alone and falls, who will come to help?
  • Is it my loved one receiving physical therapy or other appointments through the facility, and how can I enable these appointments to continue?
  • Can I offer healthy-living activities for my loved one? 
  • Who would take care of my loved one if I would get sick?  

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Last updated: May 4, 2020

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